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ASE Web Advertising Tips

Tips for Successful Web Advertising

Advertisers should develop content and graphics that are compelling to the website visitor. While this may appear self-evident, a review of current Web advertising shows that a large percentage of advertisers merely supply the website owner with a graphic of their logo to be used as a banner ad. No matter how attractive a logo is, it is not considered a compelling reason for a visitor to click on a banner ad. Getting the reader to click on the ad is like getting someone to open an envelope.

Collect as much information about the visitor as can be obtained without alienating them in the process. Utilization of forms to collect demographics, such as requests for more information, opinion polls, surveys, etc. should be as short and simple as possible to insure that the information required will be gathered.

Always ask for the visitor's Email address.

Whenever possible, reward the visitor with something free, such as a contest, special sale price or valuable information to be sent to the visitor by Email.

Advertisement Materials Mailing Instructions

Please send Insertion Order and ad materials to the ASE Webmaster at:

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